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The following products and services are used in the manufacturing of semiconductors as well as those related to silicon structures such as solar, disk and disk drive, flat panel display, optical devices, III-V compound semiconductor, MEMS, bioscience and high tech equipment manufacturers.

Chemical and Solvent Processing, Monitoring and Dispensing

• Automated wet stations
• Piranha processing
• Ozone/DI water mixing
• Solvent immersion processing
• Bulk chemical management and blending systems
• Photoresist strip and metal lift-off
• Wafer coat, bake, develop
• Manual, semi and fully automated wet processing tools
• Chemical etching/cleaning/developing systems
• Plating equipment; batch and single-wafer
• Vertical/horizontal tube and parts cleaners/storage
• Stainless steel solvent processing
Chemical concentration monitoring
• Chemical heating
• Megasonic systems for cleaning, etching
• Quartz, PVDF, stainless steel vessels for wet processing
• Ultrasonic systems for cleaning and rinsing
• Marangoni-type/aerosol wafer drying
• Molded quartz vessels for cleaning/etching/stripping
• Stainless steel vessels for solvent processing

Used Equipment

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