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Chemical and Solvent Processing, Monitoring and Dispensing (Check all that applies)
Automated wet stations
Piranha processing
Ozone/DI water mixing
Solvent immersion processing
Bulk chemical management and blending systems
Photoresist strip and metal lift-off
Wafer coat, bake, develop
Manual, semi and fully automated wet processing tools
Chemical etching/cleaning/developing systems
Plating equipment; batch and single-wafer
Vertical/horizontal tube and parts cleaners/storage
Stainless steel solvent processing stations
Chemical concentration monitoring
Chemical heating
Megasonic systems for cleaning, etching
Quartz, PVDF, stainless steel vessels for wet processing
Ultrasonic systems for cleaning and rinsing
Marangoni-type/aerosol wafer drying
Molded quartz vessels for cleaning/etching/stripping
Stainless steel vessels for solvent processing


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